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Aromatherapy Body Treatments

Aromatherapy Wellness Massage


Each treatment begins with an inhalation of the chosen essential oil blend, followed by a gentle dry brushing of the entire body to promote circulation, proper lymphatic flow and absorption of the essential oil blend. An integrative, relaxing massage finishes the session. Each blend is created with the finest oils by our aromatherapist.

Aromatherapy Blends

Clear Your Mind- During times of stress and over activity to help you unwind and focus within, for a more peaceful state of mind.

Mood Makeover- Feeling a little blue or needing some emotional pampering? This gentle treatment leaves you feeling uplifted and in harmony again.

Detox and Revive- Perfect after times of overindulging or during a cleanse to leave you refreshed and invigorated.

Immune Support- Whether the goal is prevention or healing, this cleansing, clearing, decongesting treatment supports your natural wellness.

Sleep Well- Induces a state of deep relaxation for the mind and body to help you prepare for a restful nights sleep.

Aromatherapy Cocoon


While focusing on your goals for the session, a custom blended selection of oils will be created for your massage. The body will be cocooned in the healing blend while the feet are wrapped in steaming towels infused with your personal blend. Finished with a relaxing face and scalp massage and steaming aromamask for a complete therapeutic experience.

Aromasoak Therapy

 $60/45 min

Relax into a soothing warm foot soak with a special selection of essential oils. Sip some hot herbal tea with a cozy warm neck wrap and a relaxing foot and leg massage. The perfect way to relax and recharge yourself.

Sanctuary Ritual

$80/ 60min

Ancient foot soak and massage ritual for the legs and feet. Incorporates a highly fragrant foot soak of your choice, gentle exfoliation and a combination light Swedish massage, reflexology and Thai massage techniques. Detoxifying foot cocoon and rich shea butter balm finish this aromatic escape for the body and soul.