Holistic Wellness

Kelly Cook, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, LMBT5915

My love of people, animals and the natural world began at a very early age. I have had an interest in helping others and creating a better place in the world for as long as I can remember. I have had many experiences and jobs throughout my life that have helped me grow and cultivate this desire to surround myself in the healing arts and share this knowledge with others. Though I seem to have always been drawn to natural healing, (first through crystals and gemstones as an adolescent) it is my internal drive for knowledge and love of education, both learning and teaching, that first started me on this path.

I completed a bachelor’s degree in education at Western Carolina University in 1998. After teaching in the NC public school system for six years, I made a big leap out of my comfy world, left my job, enrolled in the North Carolina School of Natural Healing in 2004 and started the journey into natural healing. It was truly a dream (literally I had a dream) that sent me searching for a way to help myself and others find their path to true wellness. When I entered this course of study I had never even had a massage myself. This sounds crazy, right? It was this listening to my body, to my higher self, that gave me the courage to jump into this pool of knowledge and exploration. In my training, I studied massage therapy, advanced herbalism, clinical aromatherapy applications, energy healing and bodywork therapy. I have practiced massage and bodywork therapy in my hometown for 14 years. As I have deepened my knowing and honed my skill set, this same intuitive trust has guided and shaped every aspect of my practice at just the perfect time and in just the perfect way.

In 2015 I again felt the need to delve deeper into the more clinical and practical applications of herbalism and enrolled in an immersive study with the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. Here I learned how to integrate my massage and bodywork practice with the practices of herbalism, aromatherapy and natural healing traditions. This has allowed me to more thoroughly integrate holistic wellness into my personal life as well as my professional practice by incorporating my training in massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, herbalism, homeopathics, flower essences, gem stone therapy, energetic bodywork, nutritional support and intuitive counseling. This is also the point in my education that I realized my walk along this path of study would be infinite. I will never profess to be an expert or claim I’ve got all the answers or mastered my field. Instead, I have committed myself to being a life long student, practitioner and teacher of natural healing practices. My training is comprehensive in scope including anatomy and physiology, chemistry, formulating and compounding, case studies and experimentation. It is also however incomplete in the sense that each time I work with herbs, essences and the body I find there is a new discovery, a new lesson and a new opportunity to further deepen my understanding. Holistic wellness is vast and limitless, yet at the same time specific and unique to each individual. What a beautiful dichotomy, indeed!

My foundations as an educator and my training in natural healing have made the perfect marriage in my practice as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner. My goal is to help you find the information and tools that you seek to assist you in finding the health and wellness you desire. These tools and knowledge will truly empower you to create the path of wellness that is right for you.

My approach is to meet your “whole self” at the point you are right now on your journey to your “best self” and offer you advice, education and support to help you achieve your specific wellness goals. My practice incorporates an intuitive approach to wellness of the whole self (body, mind and spirit), combined with modern science and traditional natural healing applications. 

Why would you need a Holistic Wellness Practitioner?

-  Do you seek a better path for your wellness?

-  Are you looking to address specific health concerns with a more natural approach?

-  Are you working with other healthcare providers such as medical doctors, acupuncturists, dieticians, etc. and are looking to incorporate a complimentary holistic practitioner into your wellness team?

-  Do you have interest in supplementing your wellness with natural herbs, essences and oils and are looking for guidance on “exactly where to start”?

-  Would you like to improve your overall wellbeing by incorporating intuitive healing, bodywork, natural medicine and nutrition into your daily practice?

These are ALL aspects of your total wellness that a Holistic Wellness Practitioner can assist you with.

Holistic Practitioners cannot provide medical advice, diagnose or claim to cure any condition or disease. We may however, work with your medical or naturopathic doctor or your primary care practitioner to help you achieve the best quality care possible. Your Holistic Wellness Practitioner may not diagnose, prescribe or treat medical conditions. They can however legally recommend, advise on, educate about, prepare and dispense specific herbs, oils, essences and foods to assist your overall health.

Holistic practice is rooted in the belief that this is the path, the opportunity, to empower yourself to be more knowledgeable and more engaged in your own personal healing process.

My practice includes:

Integrative Massage Therapy

Acupressure/Meridian Therapy

Energetic Bodywork



Flower Essences


Gem Stone Therapy

Nutritional Support

Intuitive Counseling

Services include:

Holistic Wellness Counseling

Education, advice and suggestions on herbs, essential oils, natural therapies and food choices.

Massage and Bodywork

Energy Work

Recipes for wellness preparations

Creating personalized formulas using herbs, essential oils, flower essences, gemstones and homeopathics.

Creating natural body care and skincare preparations for both wellness and beauty.

Pricing for Holistic Counseling

Initial Consultation and New Client Intake

(approximately 90 minutes) $115

Includes initial consultation, written recommendations and follow-up session by phone or email.

Email or Phone Consultation

for established clients only (approximately 20 minutes) $30

Includes additional advice on current treatment plan, follow-up on integrated treatments and answering questions about current supplements, herbs and such related to the current treatment plan you are working with.

Comprehensive Counseling Plan

(approximately 60 minutes plus two follow-ups) $145

For established clients, includes consultation, written recommendations, suggested treatment plan and two follow-ups at the two and four week interval by phone or email.

Ongoing Counseling

To monitor, assess and evaluate treatment plan, incorporating adjustments and suggestions as the body assimilates and integrates into your new wellness plan. This may be done by phone, email or in office sessions as scheduling allows. These sessions normally include a brief intake of information, research and follow up advice, all of which is done within the allotted time frame. Additional time may be required for more difficult issues.

45 minutes $65

20 minutes $30

Recipes for self-preparation

$15 per recipe

Includes specific recipes, dosing suggestions and possible interactions or contraindications for your specific requests.

Formulation and Preparation of herbs, essences, oils etc.

Pricing will vary depending on formula.

Includes tinctures, teas, essences, aromatherapy blends and the like.

Wellness Package

$225 (savings of $20)

Includes your Initial Consultation and New Client Intake and two additional 45 minute follow-ups within a three month period.

Integrated Wellness Plan

$485 (savings of $50)

Includes your Comprehensive Counseling Plan and a once month 45 minute follow-up for six consecutive months.

Discounts for established clients

10% off customized herbal or aromatherapy preparations

10% off 60 or 90 minute massage or bodywork sessions

15% off six sessions On Going Counseling

Wellness packages and plans do not include herbal formulations or preparations and are only for your information and education. Detailed information will be provided to you about what herbs etc. are advised and suggestions made as to where you may purchase these items. This information belongs to you and you are free to use it as you wish in your wellness. If you wish to purchase specific formulas or preparations such as tinctures, salves or teas I will happily prepare these for you at an additional charge.

This pricing scale is reflective of the time and energy involved in listening, researching and formulating the very best advice and natural healing preparations I can provide for you.

None of this is “secret” information.

My ultimate goal is to empower you to help you create wellness for yourself. I am happy to share my knowledge with you and help you deepen your self-practice of natural wellness. If you find yourself in need of holistic care and are having difficulty with the cost of these services, I am happy to discuss options with you on an individual basis.